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Your credit score has five main contributors

Normal Credit Repair focuses on only 2 of these factors - your payment history and new credit - which make up 45% of your overall score.

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Law firms normally charge $1500 to $2500. But you can get started for $19.00

Generally 53-187 point increase

Even one mistake could decrease your credit score by 110 points. And cause you to be denied credit & pay higher interest rates on EVERYTHING you finance.


A proprietary process for removing negative items from your credit report, opening up more possibilities for your financial future. We do this extremely fast in comparison to traditional credit repair. We perform the work with modern strategies to accommodate the ever changing industry. Deletions start occurring within the first 30 days. For most clients, the best results happen within the first 60 – 90 days.

A credit sweep is a form of credit repair which is 100% legal and it works because of the law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If an item cannot be verified, it must be removed. This is the basis of all credit repair.

The FCRA is a U.S. Government legislation enacted to promote the accuracy, fairness and privacy of consumer information contained in the files of consumer reporting agencies. It is intended to protect consumers from willful and or negligent inclusion of inaccurate information on their credit reports.


Our 3rd party vendor is motivated to get your scores up fast because they understand our Goal is to Fund your Business as fast as possible...And that's why this service is different. Our goal is to get your scores up within 30-45 days so we can get your business loan funded...period.

Compare the cost of this service to the amount of money you need to start or grow your business

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Kim already had a thriving Amazon delivery business but during the process of establishing her business her credit suffered. She was able to get a much better interest rate and approved for a $225K MCA loan.

Credit Scores before:

Transunion 499

Experian 525

Equifax 580

Credit Scores after:

Transunion 615

Experian 650

Equifax 675

* Please note Kim already had a business generating significant monthly revenue so her low credit scores weren't as much of a factor in getting approved but she was able to get a much lower interest rate on her MCA which saved her over $1500 per month.

Julie started her online gift subscription company with a $125K Line of Credit.

Credit Scores before:

Transunion 580

Experian 625

Equifax 640

Credit Scores after:

Transunion 705

Experian 715

Equifax 720

Tim started his SAAS platform with a SBA loan for $75K.

Credit Scores before:

Transunion 565

Experian 630

Equifax 660

Credit Scores after:

Transunion 705

Experian 715

Equifax 730

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How much will a negative item hurt my credit score?

According to and CNNMoney, even a single negative on your credit could cost you over 100 points.


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We work with you to identify any questionable negative items hurting your score


We challenge those negative items with the bureaus and your creditors


We keep the process going, helping you reach your credit goals

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by removing the following items:


Child Support

Tax Liens

Public Records

Inaccurate Items

Obsolete Items

Unverifiable Items

With a Derogatory Credit Sweep

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